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Wedding - a memorable day in your life.   The day that you want to live in the present, and remember it forever.  

The day where you have only for you your other half soulmate.   Your day.  

Do not waste it on the line at the registry office, the crowd of other wedding couples and unfamiliar guests, where you will be only the following couple.
Make this your day. Only yours.   And "Katia Crete" will help you to do this.


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Wedding in Crete by

"Katia Crete"


A full range of services for the organization and the making of your most important celebration. From a symbolic ceremony of betrothal in Crete, to the formal wedding in a Church and the official registration of marriage.

The staff of our office "Katia Crete" will help to plan your wedding in Crete. It will be individually tailored and it will be comfortable for you and your guests to plan it. 

We do not offer you template weddings, we listen to your needs and fulfill them. None of the weddings in Crete, organized by "Katia Crete", is like the previous one. It's your wedding ceremony, and it will be the way you want it to be. 

If you want to have your wedding in Crete - we will be happy to help you organize that engagement. 

Crete is the island of myths and legends, the cradle of ancient civilization surrounded by the lovely Cretan Sea. It can be the place of your wedding. "Katia Crete" weddings are not similar to others, your memorable wedding will give you the happiest days in Crete. 


Concluding your  marriage with "Katia Crete" and you: 

  • Save yourself from the time-consuming preparation for the wedding, we take it upon ourselves . 
  • You do not need to go to the registration office and apply for it, "Katia Crete" do it for you. All you have to do is send us all the needed official papers and get the passport with you. 
  • You choose the location for the ceremony. This can be a beautiful beach or mountain top with an opening overlooking the island aerial view, this may be your hotel or your private villa, where there is only you and your guests, as well as a boat or even a pirate ship. 
  • You tell us about your dream, and we make it a reality.